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About Agora Polls

Welcome to Agora Polls, where we believe in the power of collective decision-making. We are dedicated to enhancing teams, groups, and communities by ensuring that stakeholders are actively consulted in the decision-making process. With our online tools, we provide a better way to make informed decisions that result in stronger outcomes.

Drawing on the research conducted by Professor Sean Geobey at the University of Waterloo, Agora Polls offers a range of online tools specifically designed to gather feedback and determine the most effective budgeting decisions for you and your team. Our platform utilizes ranked and range voting inputs, allowing stakeholders to provide valuable input on a series of costed budget options.

Through the use of tested algorithms, Agora Polls generates outputs that maximize the collective satisfaction of your voting group. We prioritize the opinions and preferences of all stakeholders, ensuring that each voice is heard and considered in the decision-making process.

Whether you are a municipality seeking to plan park amenities, a community group working on budget allocation for a grant, a granting agency faced with selecting which applications to fund, or simply a group of friends deciding on a shared meal order, Agora Polls is here to help. Our versatile platform is adaptable to various contexts, making it an invaluable tool for any scenario that requires collective decision-making.

Experience the power of inclusive decision-making with Agora Polls. Join us today and unlock the potential of collaborative decision-making that leads to stronger, more satisfying outcomes for everyone involved.

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